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Astrologers in Navi Mumbai If you think so then your marriage is getting delayed. There is a whole chapter on this as an astrological point of view known as late marriage astrology or delay marriage astrology through which the age of late marriage can be found.

After seeing the delayed marriage in astrology once, surely a powerful solution to the delayed marriage can be found.

इस पेज को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए “विवाह में देरी” पर क्लिक करें।​

Till now you must have used delayed marriage calculator which is also no marriage sum calculator.

If you think that there is no marriage in the horoscope, then do not let depression come due to delay in marriage. In astrology, the age of late marriage can be known in advance and the solution of delay in marriage can also be found. In astrology, delay in marriage can cause some problems. Let us know what are the consequences of marrying late. Astrologers in Navi Mumbai

consequences of late marriage
Generally, delay in marriage leads to family unrest, social pressure, social bitterness, feeling of incompetence, inferiority complex, and sometimes physical imbalance, despair. There are many other distinct irreversible physical and psychological effects due to late marriage such as Astrologers in Navi Mumbai

  1. Depression due to delay in marriage.
  2. Childbirth issues increase with age.
  3. Financial dissonance increases with age.
  4. The chances of finding a suitable partner decrease with age.
  5. With age comes physical ailments which can become a hindrance in the running of a good marriage.
  6. With age, people develop new responsibilities which are difficult to give up and may also hinder the smooth running of marriage.
  7. Happy families are rarely seen among those who marry late.
  8. With age, there come many such relationships which can haunt and hinder the marriage.
  9. With age, the power to adjust decreases, and the ability to force our ways increases. This makes the marriage useless.

All the above effects can be read in advance through systematic reading of horoscope by an expert astrologer, which can provide solution to delay in marriage.

Since even these yogas cannot result in marriage in the horoscope, so take proper care and know the astrological remedies for late marriage. Astrologers in Navi Mumbai

Marriage Delay Vedic Astrology Home and Planets
Late marriage age can be found in astrology. Following are the houses, planets, dashes, and transits of planets, reading which one can get the remedies for delay in marriage.

a) House for Marriage: According to Vedic astrology, the 7th house is the main house of marriage. But like two more houses. The 2nd and 11th dates are also important in finalizing any matrimonial alliance. The second house represents the family and connects a member of the family. The 11th house is the house of friendship and the life partner is a true lifelong friend. Also, the 11th house is the house of fulfillment of one’s desires, hopes, and desires. If there is a love marriage, then the fifth house should also be considered and read.

b) Planets of Marriage: The two main factors of marriage are Venus and Jupiter. In the horoscope of man, Venus represents the life partner and in the horoscope of a woman, Jupiter represents her husband. In addition to these, the effects of the following are also considered: Astrologers in Navi Mumbai

Astrologers in Bhopal

  1. Lord of 2nd, 7th and 11th house
  2. The lord of the house whose lord is in the seventh house
  3. Navamsa Rashi of the seventh lord
  4. Planets in the Seventh House
  5. Planets conjunct the seventh house
  6. Lord of the fifth house in case of love marriage
  7. Nakshatra lord of the above planets.

c) Dasha: Marriage can take place in the dasha of the above planets.

d) Transit: The double transit of Saturn and Jupiter affects the first house and the seventh house or their lord which gives an indication about the timing of marriage.

A powerful solution to delayed marriage can be found by reading the above planets, Dasha, and transits.

Keep in mind, marriage delay remedies have to be prepared very efficiently which is not the job of a novice astrologer.

I have seen people taking measures for early marriage without success.

Astrological reasons for delay in marriage:

The astrological reasons for delay in marriage in the horoscope can be attributed to certain planets ruling the 7th house in the birth chart. These naturally delay marriages as given in the table below:

7th lord Approximate age of marriage for a man Approximate age of marriage for a woman
moon 27 26
Jupiter 30 29
sun 32 30
Sat 33 30
If the seventh lord is in auspicious effect in the birth chart, then the above age can be reduced by 2 years. But if the seventh house is in negative or unfavorable effect, then the above age can be increased by 2 to 3 years.

Delay in marriage due to astrological reasons Once attributed to any of the above planets, astrological remedies for late marriage can be worked out effectively.

But, before jumping to any conclusion, I recommend using the above ‘No Marriage Yoga Calculator’ for better understanding.

Other signs of delay in marriage Vedic astrology.
Following are some of the signs seen in the birth chart of delayed marriages in real life.

  1. The conjunction of Sun with Rahu in the birth chart can delay one’s marriage, especially if associated with the houses of marriage.

2, the conjunction of Mars with Rahu is either in the 7th house or the 7th lord should be aspected.

  1. If the lord of seventh and eighth house is being exchanged in a birth chart. If the seventh lord is in the eighth house and the eighth lord is in the seventh house, then there can be a lot of delay in marriage.
  2. If there is a conjunction of Saturn and Moon in the birth chart of a man, then generally there may be many obstacles in the horoscope responsible for late marriage.
  3. Inauspicious sight of Saturn or lord on any one or more of the ascendant, ascendant, seventh house and seventh house in the birth chart can delay the marriage of the native.
  4. Presence of Mangal dosha in Kundli usually delays marriage. This dosha is formed due to Mars being in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house. Some people also add other expressions to this list.
  5. Mangal dosha should be viewed according to the Lagna, Chandra chart (by revisiting the birth chart and the house in which the Moon is placed as the Ascendant) and Shukra chart (by reproducing the birth chart and making the house of Venus Must see. is placed in the form of Ascendant). This dosha gets strengthened when more than one of these three are present in the chart. Also, get an adequate analysis of the birth chart done for the possibility of cancellation of Kundli dosha.

The above are some combinations from marriage delay astrology and the remedies for late marriage are dealt with separately for each combination.

My advice is not to delay any kind of misunderstanding in the resolution of marriage. Rather get the chart analyzed for specific delays in resolving the marriage reasons.

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi’s Unique Way (Solution Due to Delay in Marriage)
I consider the following when doing Astro-calculations:

  1. Influence of past life or past becoming an obstacle in present life.
  2. Mangal or Manglik Dosh in Kundli.
  3. Blockages from within family members.
  4. The level of education and status of the child, especially of the girl child.
  5. Hidden inclination towards opposite sex friend.
  6. High expectations from the other side.
  7. Hidden weaknesses in a person. Astrologers in Navi Mumbai

All the above factors are reviewed and correlated by analyzing various charts (D-1, D-9 to D-60). It helps in getting to the root of the delay in resolving the marriage reasons. Astrologers in Navi Mumbai

I hope you have got complete information about the issue of delay in marriage as per astrology.

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