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देर ना करे ! कोई समस्या है तो तुरंत उसके समाधान के लिए से संपर्क करे क्यूंकि! जितना आप देर करेंगे या जितना आप सोचेंगे समस्या आपकी उतनी ही बढ़ेगी तो सोच क्या रहे हो ! अभी कॉल करो और अपनी प्रेम समस्या का समाधान प्राप्त करो वो भी केवल कुछ घंटो में

1. Improve Communication:

Astrologers in Pune Benefits of counseling after marriage The most important benefit of marital counseling is avoiding divorce or separation. Such situations are practically ending a relationship: it means that negative factors have already played their part in the 7th house. But how do you know that such factors will not bother you in the next relationship? And then and when the two divorcees want to move on to a new relationship. As a marriage astrologer let me tell you which of the two partners was more responsible for creating the situation of divorce.

Sometimes saving and maintaining the existing marriage can be the best solution. This is what I am saying which is most important because you never know how the relationship will be with a new partner? And what’s the guarantee that the factors that spoiled the first marriage won’t bother you in a new relationship after separation. Post-marriage counseling is the best tool to evaluate all the pros and cons before going for the worst decision of divorce/separation. Astrologers in Pune

Because once you decide on separation/divorce, the matter is more with the legal professionals and court where you have to accept the outcome as the last resort. There are many benefits of counseling after marriage. These factors make the relationship better and heat is felt in married life. Sometimes it also works as a stick and carrot principle, makes you ready to make sacrifices, enhances understanding but definitely helps you to avoid many bad phases in your life after divorce. Read that these factors are mentioned below:

इस पेज को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए “विवाह में देरी” पर क्लिक करें।​

2. Enhance Relations and Strengthen Bonds:

Once the relationship starts building a foundation, it becomes stronger with two key components, which are trust and openness. These are the major challenges that can be resolved when you both come to understand each other better. If the two components mentioned above are missing, you can both feel disconnected and turned away, which can be a big issue. While going through this situation you can take the help of post-marriage counseling sessions which can improve the relationship and rejuvenate the intimacy.

These problems of marriage limit the couple to speak their mind. While free expression of thoughts and feelings is important for a relationship, an Astro counselor facilitates marital counseling, which can lead to a successful marriage.

A relationship counselor can help you guys have open and honest communication that can help you understand each other better. The clichéd marriage-related problems can come to an end. It can help break the silence by facilitating communication, which enables a person to engage who can help achieve mutual understanding and accelerate a positive approach to resolving conflicts.

  1. Increase Relationships and Strengthen Bonds:

In a relationship, conflicts are irresistible but often create provoking anxiety. When in a familiar environment, marital problems can stem from jealousy and discrimination in personal interests. These are the major issues that need to be addressed when you are in a romantic relationship. But if you leave it like that, the relationship can turn ugly and have more fights than love. When you have a tendency to fight, more of your feelings may remain untold. Astrologers in Pune

Planning marriage counseling or seeing a marriage counselor can help you learn many ways to express your feelings, which will bring the two of you closer and strengthen your bond. This will make your married life successful.

  1. Build Self-Esteem:

If the two of you have a better understanding and appreciation, they are likely to understand where each other is lacking. Major marriage counseling benefits will build your self-esteem. You will learn how to handle the significant challenges in your life and have a successful marriage.

Taking the help of a marriage counselor will help you to understand many problems of relationships. These counseling sessions will help both of you value your relationship. Once you start to value the bond you share, you will start to respect each other. Good self-esteem of individuals will motivate both of you to see a brighter picture in the relationship. Astrologers in Pune

  1. Keep You Happy:

In the current situation, technical life can give you acceptance and happiness in the lives of others. If a person starts spending more of their time on social media or watching a series, they can emphasize real personal life. You tend to withdraw from your personal life and follow a culture of showing off on social platforms. Happiness may be just a mask, but the truth is this media is taking your happiness and putting you in trouble. These troubles can lead you to many marital issues and misguided marriage compatibility.

A marriage counselor will help all involved to deal with real-life problems and may consider seeking help from the spouse. Together they can overcome these problems. A successful marriage is one where the two of you start confronting your feelings, which can lead to an accumulation of distress.

  1. To Avoid the Situation of Divorce:

A minor tussle or squabble breaks up the relationship, ending up in marriage issues leading to divorce, which is a sad outcome for the marriage counselor or relationship counselor. These counselors do their best to keep the relationship strong; However, some couples often end up too quickly because they feel that ending the relationship is too easy. But they fail to understand that their move may make the situation worse. A relationship counselor helps couples and families prevent heart and soul-breaking consequences. Astrologers in Pune

A marriage counselor can help couples resolve these issues by talking to them. In some cases, ending with a divorce is the most appropriate solution for both parties and their families. A relationship counselor helps in advising a safe route for couples when one partner or both are not ready to resolve the issue. To bring about harmony, marriage counselors can advise you to understand each other and create harmony and peace, especially when children are involved.

A very important achievement of a marriage counselor is to do their best to avoid the situation of divorce or separation. Here the counselor tries to confront the relationship that can happen in case of a second marriage after divorce. Astrologers in Pune

  1. Negotiate and Reestablish Commitments:

Giving commitment in any relationship can cause problems in the relationship. Marital problems arise more often when commitments such as having children or financial support or supporting them in general emotionally can lead to poor commitments in relationships. When in a commitment individual interests including the interests and concerns of both partners can be taken into account.

Marriage counselors can help you listen and express each other’s concerns as a couple. The reason for disagreement in some areas, giving vague commitment affects the relationship. During these sessions, relationship counselors try to bring to the fore your fears, concerns, and desires. They help negotiate marriage problems and can help you have a better outlook on your marital life when solving problems as a couple. Practical agreements lead to a successful marriage. Astrologers in Pune

  1. Mental and Physical Health:

The characteristic of a happy man is that he should be happy both mentally and physically – the only issue that a marriage counselor tries to achieve in a person. If a man is having health issues, he may not be physically active in marriage. Such a person often lacks calmness, which is important for understanding the other person in the relationship.

A relationship counselor will facilitate ways for both members in the relationship to help them understand each other. This will give couples a basis for mutual understanding, and they will be able to live at peace and tend to identify with each other’s problems. They will also be able to handle marriage issues practically, which is a major component of a successful married life.

  1. Build a Successful Family and Marriage:

Children are brought up and treated in the family as they feel. They do what they see their parents and siblings doing. Behavioral influence comes from how they watch their parents or their friends treat each other. The conflict between parents can upset the child and affect thinking. Astrologers in Pune

A relationship counselor gives you sessions that can help each member of the family to improve their relational outlook with each other. The family can relate to living in a more safe and secure environment while achieving a peaceful and healthy environment.

Families face very diverse problems, and they turn into a mess if they are not addressed quickly and adequately. A relationship counselor helps in resolving the issues that the family is facing in everyday life. A relationship counselor helps parents identify the root of their problems that their children face and solve them.

To conclude: A marital counseling session, whether it is pre-marriage or post-marriage involves reading the charts of both the partners. After marital counseling, the first focus is on identifying the causes of differences in married life. Confront both partners about who is more at fault. Tell them about the benefits of marriage counseling. Then influence both partners to come to a compromise through sacrifice, discussion, and minor adjustments to their habits and behavior. Tell them that if they can’t settle or adjust, they may face similar problems if they get married again. This may also require separate meetings with different partners, joint meetings with both, and in many cases with families. Astrologers in Pune

Marriage counseling is a unique means of karma correction as compared to taking individuals towards ritualistic and astrological remedies. Click on what astrology rituals work at least for post-marriage issues, I think it is more karma correction than just resorting to rituals and remedies. Astrologers in Pune